Daniel Greenspan


Objective To use my software, hardware and laboratory skills in a research & development environment.
Overview An experienced software engineer accustomed to working in R&D with considerable hardware and laboratory experience. I have created software systems in C, C++, JAVA, and UNIX shell languages and am well-versed in UNIX, PC and Apple system administration/security.  I possess good interpersonal abilities and have excellent writing and other communication skills.  A portfolio of my work, with screen shots and code examples, can be found here.
Experience Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, 10/00 - present
  • Overview: Created applications in C, C++, and LabVIEW to support medical, oceanographic and government research. Constructed instrumentation hardware and integrated hardware/software systems.
  • Specific Accomplishments: Created an eight-channel bathythermometric data acquisition instrument for airborne use. Developed communications systems for telemedicine, including a Remote Treatment Planning System and a system for satellite transmission of mammograms. Developed an infrared imaging system for tumor evaluation. Developed a hyperspectral optical imaging system for medical use. Wrote software for acoustic data collection and analysis. Developed software in embedded Linux/Windows environments. Participated in flight tests for Navy-supported programs. In 2002 I supported the NEON SPEAR mission in Nairobi, Kenya, in which I constructed a 50-node network supporting various windows-based conferencing and network services.
  • Critical skills:  Project organization and management, software development in a Windows/PC environment using LabVIEW and C/C++, electronics/mechanical and laboratory abilities, organizational and communication skills, P-3 aircraft flight qualification, people skills, cross-disciplinary flexibility and grasp of disparate areas in technology/science.


System Development Engineer, Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics - NASA/GSFC/Raytheon, 6/29/98 - 10/00
  Software Engineer, Microelectronics Branch - NASA/GSFC/RMS, 8/25/97 - 6/29/98
  • Overview: Wrote, maintained, and profiled software/hardware systems in an engineering research environment.
  • Specific Accomplishments: Characterized the performance of FPGA parallel neural network hardware. Profiled and analyzed satellite telemetry software. Wrote C code to control prototypical bus boards. Wrote JAVA/RMI code to create a user interface and neural network. Ported windows C++ code and GUI to JAVA. Performed system administration tasks on Windows NT and IRIX.
  • Critical Skills: System analysis, code development in JAVA, C, C++, knowledge of digital electronics, communication skills.
System Administrator, Rowan University, 94 - 5/97
  • Overview: Performed system administration in an academic environment.
  • Specific Accomplishments: Built and maintained a network of 20 SGI UNIX workstations. Designed network layout, installed, constructed/initialized network hardware and software. Wrote user authentication and maintenance code in C and shell languages. Installed software including CASD, specialized systems, educational and publishing software. Installed and maintained varied data reduction systems in support of scientific research. Maintained internetworking and TCP/IP internet connections and associated software/hardware. Trained staff/students and produced material concerning UNIX and networks. Handled purchasing, organizational and communication issues. 
  • Critical Skills: UNIX networking, network engineering, system analysis, organizational and communication skills.
Education Rowan University, 1997

B.Sc., Computer Science, minor in Biology

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