NEON SPEAR 2002 - Networking

In the summer of 2002 in Kenya, JHU/APL performed a US government-sponsored humanitarian training exercise named NEON SPEAR. This project's goal was to work with East African Community (EAC) Governments to form plans outlining cooperation in times of mutual need, such as famine or refugee influx. My part in this exercise was the design, construction, and operation of a 50-node PC network supporting the standard suite of applications expeted of any networked enterprise (Email, web service, office applications etc.). In addition I had to train EAC representatives to use the system; this involved overcoming language and cultural barriers. Construction of the system involved my supervision of a crew of IT technicians, procurement of parts in-country, and various managerial reponsibilities. The system was successfully launched and supported the exercise to completion. Please see this link for images from the conference.

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