For all of my friends and family that wonder what I do on my trips, I work for Johns Hopkins University (JHU), which is a vast enterprise with many subdivisions. I am a researcher at one of these, named the Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL). This year's trips revolved around oceanic experiments being performed by the lab in support of the US Navy. My part of it is described here. I designed and built some special data acquisition equipment and am one of the three people from APL that flies in the P-3 aircraft. We do not pilot the aircraft; we ride in them and operate equipment. However, if there's a nice commander aboard, we may get a little stick time. The total crew is usually about 15.

My job is an eclectic one, and this flight activity only represents about 5-10 percent of my time. I also build medical imaging/communication devices and remote sensing systems. Those things don't require international travel, and consequently don't provide me with as much photographic or story material.

If you've read this far and really, really want to know more about what I do, look here.

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